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Updating and improving already installed production line and casthouse facilities

MQP, and the Canadian Company, Dynamic Concept, are working together to bring novel engineering expertise to European casthouses.

Dynamic Concept is providing turnkey solutions to the aluminium industry, from the pot room to the casting table. The scope of work embraces a variety of systems technologies, components, equipment and services.

Prominent amongst Dynamic Concept’s activities is their programme of work focussing on providing upgrades to already installed facilities and solutions for DC casting.

The benefits are:

  • State of the art full automation using laser technology with the objective of an operator free process. This brings major benefits from improvement of operation safety, recovery improvement and slab or ingot product quality.
  • Automated and programmable mould lubrication.
  • Table mould densification. Increasing the number of moulds on a pit brings increased production capacity, as at Alcoa Deschambault, Quebec. Here adding two moulds to a 14 strand T bar table has brought a 15% increase in capacity.
  • New Moulds-state of art technology and improved designs
  • Unitized tooling- allows preparation to be carried out remote from the casting pit to achieve increased casting pit utilisation. It also gives precise alignment of the casting table assembly and bottom block eliminating operator adjustment.
  • Overall the above upgrades together can result in up to +25% increased production.


Dynamic Concept

Sixteen mould casting table pre- assembled at Alcoa, Deschambault

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