Andrew Lamsdale has recently joined MQP Ltd as  General Manager.

Andrew began his career with Century Aluminium UK in 1982 and went onto spend the years up to 2011 working in a senior commercial capacity in both the aluminium industry and the steel industry.

In 2011 he joined LSM, later to become AMG, with initial commercial responsiblity for grain refiners in the UK and Europe. He subsequently became engaged in the development of the fast growing Asia Pacific markets and moved to Shanghai with his family to better understand and operate in the China market.

Andrew sees his role with MQP, as GM, to maximise  the exposure  and profile of the MQP Grain Refiner range and implement this in aluminium casthouses around the globe.

An Aluminium Times “Personality Profile” of Andrew in was published in the Jan/Feb issue and to read this click on the link Andrew L Aluminium Times PP