Since Optifine has been proven to be effective at much lower addition rates than conventional TiBAl rod there is a need for a Rod Feeding Machine which will deliver Optifine rod at very slow speeds and at a much greater accuracy than conventional rod feeding machines.

MQP has therefore, in partnership with a vastly experienced producer of commercial rod feeders, commissioned a specially designed rod feeder.  This will deliver Optifine rod at a rate as low as 4.0cm per minute up to a maximum of 80cm per minute with an accuracy of +/- 0.5%. Other speed ranges can be provided on request.

The specially designed, single strand rod Optifeeder, uniquely has the concept of a shaft encoder on the drive top feed roll to provide the actual rod speed. To maximise the savings made by using Optifine its important to have provided, information about the rod feed rate and usage, Optifeeder XRF control panel provides that information. The length of rod used is continuously monitored and a visual/audible alarm alerts operators that the coil is running low. In addition, rod feeding thru the unit is monitored and a visible/audible alarm alerts operators of no rod is being fed thru the unit.

The Optifeeder control panel will provide speed control using an inverter configured for encoder feedback. An Allen Bradley plc can be incorporated with a touch screen HMI display for operator convenience. A high-speed counter within the plc can provide an independent display of actual rod feed rate. The Optifeeder machine, due to its unique mode of rod speed measurement, offers a highly accurate rod addition as well as the facility to conveniently monitor and store information relating to all grain refined casts.

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