Our products have inherent quality & cost benefits

The addition of less grain refiner positively
impacts on the cost of grain refining lowering the annual casthouse spend on grain refining by 50%. In addition, there will be less transportation, fewer coil changes, reduced warehousing and more.

Compared to standard grain refiners Optifine
addition rate is reduced by 70% whilst achieving the required grain size. By adding 70% less grain refiner the reduction in borides and other inclusion particles will be reduced by the same amount. This will have an impact on the final product quality reducing inclusion related defects like razor streaks, can tears, pinholes in foil and more.

Every batch of Optifine is tested using the
Opticast Nucleation Performance Test to guarantee grain refining efficiency and cleanliness of the product before it arrives at your casthouse. Optifine is the only available product tested in this way and therefore if your grain refiner is not tested by MQP with Opticast it’s not Optifine.