The reduction in the addition rate not only leads to quality and environmental improvements but also operating cost reductions. Typically, a 70% reduction in the addition rate will HALVE the amount the casthouse spends on grain refiner in a year, based on the average market price for standard grain refiners because you only need to use one third or your normal amount. Typical annual savings of between $100,000 – $1,000,000 can be achieved depending on level of current purchases.

Purchase Qty (t) Estimated annual spend on grain refiner ($) Estimated annual spend on grain refiner using Optifine ($) Annual saving ($) Saving (%)
50 190,000 87,000 103,000 54
100 380,000 130,500 206,000 54
500 1,900,000 870,000 1,030,000 54
1000 3,800,000 1,740,000 2,060,000 54

To see how much can be saved per year using Optifine, MQP has devised a simple calculator that, after inputting your process details, will show you how much can be saved. In order to find our more please enter your e mail address into the form on our contacts page and request a copy of the application. We will send you the savings calculator along with associated information.