MQP through its association with N-Tec Ltd now has its own testing laboratory in the UK at the University of Oxford Begbroke, Science Park, Oxford. The laboratory, to be operated by N- Tec, will have as its principal role the qualification of MQP Optifine grain refiners, supplied by STNM, before release to casthouse customers worldwide.

Initially the laboratory will duplicate tests now carried out at the MQP testing laboratory in Sweden but once successfully established will act as an alternative qualifying facility.

There will also be an early opportunity at the UK laboratory, as it develops its microstructural capabilities, to conduct investigations into important topics such as second phase distribution in 6xxx alloys.

The MQP Technical Manager, Rein Vainik, will oversee the work of the Oxford laboratory. Ian Hughes from the N-Tec management team will be in charge of the day to day operations and provide metallographic expertise. Simon Pepperell is the Project Manager for the MQP laboratory.

The Oxford laboratory is equipped with the same equipment and instrumentation as the MQP Swedish testing facility and includes Opticast equipment, electro polishing and anodising, polarising microscopy and a video camera. If required there is also access to a wide range of other instrumentation in the adjacent N-Tec metallurgical laboratory.

We believe that for MQP Optifine customers the Oxford facility will provide an important reassurance of a second fully equipped laboratory with the technical expertise to qualify their Optifine shipments.

Rein Vainik explains aspects of Optifine qualification to the team who will operate the MQP laboratory.
Rein Vainik explains aspects of Optifine qualification to the team that will operate the MQP laboratory.