2014dussstandStand Manager: John Courtenay, MD, with Rein Vainik, Technical Manager and the new MQP International Sales Manager Europe and Middle East, Richard Dean

The theme of the MQP stand was “advancing melt quality” and the following were displayed and/or featured:

  • Optifine a consistently powerful grain refiner together with the Opticast optimisation system and the Optifeeder
  • Batchchpilot an automated system for accurate electronic measurement of furnace heel weights and transfer weights
  • OptiFilter a high performance three stage filtration unit
  • Refinal an established range of environmentally friendly, cost effective, refining fluxes
  • Meltclean and Premetz –MQP with N-Tec and Technical Strategy Consultants (TSC) is providing enhanced melt quality measurement and control services under the Meltclean programme
  • Moduloc Sensor and Pin Actuators– high resolution digital laser camera and motor operated actuator units for accurate control of molten aluminium level in launder and mould
  • Dynamic Concept providing upgrades to already installed production lines and solutions for DC casting