Premetz, a web based service, developed by Technology Strategy Consultants (tsc) and distributed by MQP, brings a totally fresh approach to melt quality.

Aluminium casthouse customers can now access,in real time, meaningful and informative information on their melt cleanliness and quality by uploading their Prefil data onto the Premetz website.

Uploading Prefil data files onto the Premetz website enables a full analysis of a Prefil test within 5 minutes of taking the sample. This means that molten metal cleanliness can be known before the onset of casting and in particular a so called “quality excursion” (see below) can be detected and action taken in the casthouse to overcome it rather than recording it as an historical event at a later date.

Example of a “quality excursion” in production of an aluminium alloy


To read a detailed Premetz article as published in Aluminium Times, 2015, July/August…click here