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Optimising grain refinement

The Opticast System is a unique technology and methodology for the in-line control and optimisation of grain refinement. In conjunction with Optifine it has been successfully adopted into routine production at many aluminium plants worldwide where it is reducing costs and increasing quality.

Instrumentation used in the Opticast system

Instrumentation used in the Opticast system

In the Opticast system calibration is an important step to determine how a specific alloy responds to addition of fresh nuclei via the grain refining rod. This involves establishing the equations for grain refinement curves of Optifine and commercial TiBAl grain refiners and generating data such as in the graph shown for an AA 6060 alloy.


Grain refinement in an AA 6060 alloy illustrating the much lower amount of Optifine than the amount of commercial grain refiners needed to obtain a 245 µm grain size.

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