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Grain Refinement

Optimum and powerful grain refinement is a huge asset in advancing melt quality. Optifine grain refiner in conjunction with Opticast technology is achieving exceptional results in the routine production of a number of demanding high quality alloys in casthouses worldwide. MQP, under an exclusive manufacturing agreement with AMG, supplies an exceptionally powerful TiBAl grain refining rod known as Optifine. Optifine is a highly effective grain refiner and can achieve the level of refinement needed to avoid ingot cracking at up to 80% lower addition rates than standard TiBAl grain refiners. This results in improved quality and reduced operating costs over a wide range of aluminium alloy compositions. Optifine is now in routine usage in major casthouses worldwide in the production of over three million tonnes of aluminium alloys with outstanding results.


Structure of AA 6060 alloy treated with Optifine grain refiner at the low addition rate of 0.16kg/t (middle billet section, ASTM = 2.4)



Optifine (dark blue) vs standard (light blue)TiBAl additions for a range of AA alloys in a large casthouse

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